Thursday, Aug. 27 Central Elementary Note

School Start and Thank You:
I want to say thank our families for all of their flexibility and willingness to roll with things and work with us through this start of the school year. This is a unique way to start things and it has been SO GREAT to see our KIDS!!!!! Thanks for grace and understanding. I know there are so many changes, but please know our Central Elementary community has risen to the challenge. Our kids, staff, and families have been awesome, so thank you!
School Pictures:
School pictures will be Tuesday, Sept. 1 next week for our in-person learners. Information is going home with your son or daughter today. 
Acadience Testing:
We will begin our first round of Acadience Testing next week. Some of our classes have also began their MAP testing this week. Reminder that we do these typically three times a year and give us valuable information to help grow our kids academically. We are looking forward to digging into our academic growth of each of our students.
Drop Off and Pick Up:
Drop off and pick up have been going really well. Kindergarten parents, please come across the crosswalk in the front of the building to pick up your child. They will be on the front sidewalk with their teacher. We are also dropping and picking up all of our kids in the front of the building. Our 3rd - 6th graders are still getting dropped in the front of the building and walking to our back entrance. Things have gone very well and we appreciate everyone's flexibility. :)
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